JOHNNIE BEHIRI shoots his first documentary with the Sony RX10

JOHNNIE BEHIRI shoots his first documentary with the Sony RX10

en&is- Shot with Sony RX10 from Johnnie Behiri on Vimeo.

My friend Johnny already shot a mini documentary with his Sony RX10!
“With so many inventive features I was very excited to finally start shooting the little “custom made” mini doc you see above. My plan was to simulate a real news/documentary run&gun situation when mostly available light is what you have and filming time is very limited. After all, I believe that this camera is aimed for VJ’s (video journalists) and is NOT meant to replace the work/look with a large sensor camera in any way.”
Read the full story here.

4 thoughts on “JOHNNIE BEHIRI shoots his first documentary with the Sony RX10

  1. Johnnie

    Mike my dear friend, thanks for posting the video in your blog. Appreciated!.

    The RX10 is great if you align expectations… I might add a small video where aliasing/mushy surface (hair for example) and micro blocking is very evident.

    My advice to any one who is considering this camera (or any other camera) for his pleasure/work, TRY before you buy!.
    We all look at moving pictures differently. So your individual experience will serve you best.

    Mike, thank you again!


  2. Bob Krist

    Mike: I’m keeping my fingers crossed…I remember Johnnie really hated the NEX 6 for video and I don’t think it’s that bad at all (not that I have his video credentials, but outside of the occasional, really ugly moire that can pop up, I thought the quality wasn’t too bad for what I needed).

    I’m most curious about how the RX 10 handles low light. I shot a fireworks demo for a friend last summer with the NEX 6 and the RX 100, and boy, there was a noticeable difference in quality in that kind of light (the NEX 6 was much better and less noisy).

    We’ll see! Thanks, Mike. cheers, Bob

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Bob, agreed. I think Johnnie was just as excited about this camera as many of us were after reading the specs. He went out and shot a documentary and wasn’t too impressed with it, this of course is exactly how one should test a camera, shoot what you intend to shoot and draw your conclusions. The data we get from shooting a test scene like Andrew did is also very helpful. We learn about dynamic range, moire, high ISO performance etc. Johnnie’s evaluation is a good example that a great spec sheet doesn’t automatically mean you get a great working tool. Still waiting for mine……

  4. Bob Krist

    Mike: I’m a long time follower and admirer of Johnnie, but he did not seem overly impressed (on the other hand, he is across-the-board tough on DLSR type cameras, especially any appearance of moire). However, I thought his piece looked great (proving, perhaps, that it’s the photographer, er, videographer, and not the camera?)

    On the other hand, Andrew Reid over at seemed really impressed….I’d be really curious to get your opinion to help me get more perspective on this camera. These guys, both of whom I admire, seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum on the quality and usefulness of the RX 10. Thanks! Bob

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