It arrived: Ricoh GR! first impressions

It arrived: Ricoh GR! first impressions


I got mine from Adorama, you can also get it from BH. Seriously guys, I wouldn’t wait too long, this one will sell out and eventually go down in history as one of the last iconic pocket cameras before we switch to cell phones ;)
more images and my impressions from the first 10min with the camera after the break

I am planning an in depth comparison between the Fuji X100s, the Ricoh GR and the Nikon Coolpix A over the next week, stay tuned…

The GR has a nice rubbery feel, unlikely to slip your hands, even when wet,
very sturdy and well made
The lens is crazy sharp, corner to corner


Auto focus speed appears to be very good in good light, a tad slower then the X100s in high speed af mode
and a little faster then the Coolpix A – check back for a direct comparison in the next couple of days
Write speed/buffer clearance with the Sandisk Extreme 45 mb/s is very good, better then with the Fuji X100s which I found works best with the Sandisk Extreme 95 mb/s cards.

The Optical viewfinder GV-1, on the GR is quite accurate-this is relative of course- at about 3m
The GR is a bit louder in silent mode compared to the X100s – practically inaudible compared to a focal plane shutters.
Will it replace the X100s? NO
The GW-3 21mm wa attachment and lens hood GH-3 (not available as of this writing yet) should make this into a serious tool for wide angle enthusiasts.

Busy with work but can’t wait to put it through its paces, so far it looks VERY promising….


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14 thoughts on “It arrived: Ricoh GR! first impressions

  1. M

    Regarding the crop mode: some sources say the resulting file is 10 MP and some say it’s 12.8 MP. Which is it? Thanks!

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Julio, the grip scuffs the bottom plate around the edges, the fit is too tight, gaffa tape, you don’t know, the camera doesn’t work on the street if there is no gaffa tape ;)

  3. Julio

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the blog, I find your articles very informative as I make up my mind to buy a X100S.
    Why the gaffer’s tape on the X100S and where exactly is the hand grip leaving scuff marks on the camera?

  4. Steve Biro

    I’d be very interested in what you think about the 35mm crop mode on the GR. I can evision using this just as much as 28mm – certainly more often than the 21mm converter.

  5. Tad


    Thanks for taking the time to side-by-side these 3 beasts. Originally planned on upgrading from the x100 to the S; but then came the A… then the GR… then the… ? Honestly, I love the x100, but after 2 years as my only kit, I’m a bit unmotivated with the fixed 35 perspective. Really curious to see how the 21 wide angle pans out optically and ergonomically – it looks like it could pull the lens assembly apart, lol!

  6. Hank

    Hi Mike:

    Thank you for provding the link and “skinny” on the X100S handgrip. It’s much appreciated but I can’t scuff up my “baby”…lol!


  7. Hank

    Hi Mike;

    Thank you for taking the time to write your excellent, informative articles. I especially enjoy reading your impressions (and viewing the photos) of the Fuji X100S. In fact, I just ordered one from B&H based mainly on your articles.

    I noticed that the X100S in the photos accompanying this article have a hand grip. One question: can you provide the manufacturer and model of this hand grip?

    Thank you!


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