Inspired by film: Craig Litten gets a Fujifilm X-E1

Inspired by film: Craig Litten gets a Fujifilm X-E1

Yo to Brooklyn © 2013 Craig Litten

Craig Litten did it, he ordered one:)
“I’ve had the Fuji X-E1 with the 18-55 f/2.8-4 zoom now for about 10 days, but haven’t fully tested it yet.”
Find out what Craig (streetphotoworkshops) has to say about the X-E1 after the break

So far the things I love are:
-The color is amazing and beautiful, especially the Velvia mode while shooting JPEGS.
-Black and white JPEG shots (in standard B&W mode) seem to retain lots of tonal range, it’s very nice.
-It has the best auto white balance of any camera I’ve ever used, period.
-Files are smooth and beautiful, yet still sharp.
-After latest firmware download, focus seems a lot more sure. I’m still getting some soft shots (focus not locked totally in, but I’m learning how this camera handles, focuses and operates.
-The handling is wonderful with the manual aperture and shutter dial, the function button sent to adjust ISO, and the Q button. All is quick and effortless.
-High ISO and grain seem wonderful, and almost film-like and not digital, but I really haven’t pushed it in the real-world yet.
-The zoom is very high quality, not only in build (zero wobbles), but the it’s sharp too. It zooms super smoothly. I’m very surprised delighted and love it. It zooms backwards to what I’m used to though, and the aperture ring is backwards to what I’m used to, so I keep turning it the wrong way. But my brain will adjust.

Things that could be improved:
The EVF displays a little lag unlike the Nikon V1 has zero lag. This is unfortunate, and hopefully the next model, with newer, better technology will fix this.
-The battery and card door needs to be redesigned because it’s difficult to get the card and battery out. It’s minor, but would make things more pleasant .
-I don’t like the way Fuji implements their high frame-rate (frames per second). When set to high, it’s almost all or nothing. You can’t easily shoot one frame on the 6fps setting. Unlike a DSLR (in which I always shoot on the high setting) where it’s pressure sensitive. Even on the highest setting of a DSLR, I can shoot only one frame if I choose to. This is a very big deal for me, and for the way I shoot and what I shoot. I first experienced this with the NEX 5n, and hated it. Sony is all or nothing. If your NEX set to 6 fps, when you press the button, you’ll get 6 frames.
-The camera is slightly small, and somehow I’ve keep bumping several of the real buttons including the diopter adjustment. I like that it’s a smaller camera, but I’m thinking that the X Pro 1 may be a better fit for me.

Short answer: I’m sold on Fuji and love what they are doing! I love that they listen to real photographers and it will only get better. Look out Leica ;-)


April 2013

To me this sounds like Craig is already as good as addicted:)

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