Fuji Finepix X100 or vs Panasonic Lumix GH2: compared, which one is better?

Fuji Finepix X100 or vs Panasonic Lumix GH2: compared, which one is better?

A quick comparison of these two great cameras from

the street photographer’s point of view, I am also ignoring the video mode on the Fuji X100 since it doesn’t have manual controls. I really enjoy taking pictures with the X100, its about time we get a camera with a decent sensor AND a silent shutter. AF speed and write times when shooting raw are on the slow side, let’s hope Fuji can address that in the next firmware upgrade. Will it replace my GH2 for street shooting? Of course not! But it will make a nice addition. If you find this information helpful, please consider helping me maintaining this blog by purchasing your gear through my product links to B&H. It will cost you nothing and allows me to keep adding! Or consider making a direct donation using PayPal

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Fuji Finepix X100 or vs Panasonic Lumix GH2: compared, which one is better?

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Marvin, pretty much equal when it comes to sharpness, the pancake is a tad sharper wide open, the biggest difference is the angle of view, the Fuji is quite a bit wider -35mm equiv vs 40mm equiv on the pancake.

  2. Marvin Suarez

    Hey Mike…love all of your work, especially GH2 stuff…question…I ow both of these cameras and both are amazing in their own right…my question is on the gh2 20mm 1.7 pancake lens…what are your thoughts on the gh2 pancake combeo compared to the fuji x100..is there a big difference?


  3. Stefan

    the shutter sound is amazing on the fuji. You’re expecting some kind of click sound but it’s just an extremely subtle sound which people would rarely notice. Now, if I could only mount nikon lenses on it…. I mean many 52mm filter primes would have a not too unproportionate fit.
    However, if I had the money i’d pick the gh2.. just for the flexibility of lenses, the video crop mode, and other video capabilities. I really wish it had a more similar shutter to the fujis… i mean… unless ure in a noisy place its still enough for people to notice it, I think.
    Thanks for the comparison though. Always a pleasure

  4. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Bill, true, the swivel LCD is quite handy, the Fuji however is the first affordable street camera in a traditional sense that actually works :D

  5. Bill

    Mike — another great review, thanks!

    Something else to consider for street/candid shooting — I have found the GH2’s flip out LCD to be very useful for capturing pictures of people when they don’t think they’re being photographed.

    It allows for some unusual candid angles too.



  6. mike.kobal Post author

    If you are into portraits, forget the Fuji, go with the Panasonic, not sure about the rangefinder accuracy but the 35mm wide angle just won’t cut it for portraits.

  7. Damien

    Hi Mike,

    Great to see the 2 of these cameras going head to head. I had the good fortune to spend some time with both of these in a store in London last week as I’m thinking of upgrading from my GF-1, simply because of the poor resolution of the LVF that I use. I think I’ll be sticking with the Panasonic brand for the time being just so I can continue to use the lovely 20mm lens (and the beautiful viewfinder in the GH2), but the Fuji was an amazing experience.

    Did you get to do much portrait style shooting with the Fuji? I found that when held for landscape shooting, the optical viewfinder was very accurate, but when I turned the camera to shoot portraits, the viewfinder to lens offset was quite severe and caused heavy cropping. Easy enough to work around once you get used to it, but I hadn’t ever experienced the effect as badly as that with other optical viewfinders. That and the odd looking menu were about the only faults I found in the hour I had with it (the camera seemed to freeze up too when I went to thumbnail view for image playback, but as it was a demo model I didn’t make a point about it), but more time with it and using it in the real world would be great. Nice to see some street images from it here. Did you do anything with the built-in flash? I though it gave a nice, balanced exposure without blowing out the image and leaving hot spots from the factory default setting.

    As I said, I had about an hour with each camera, and I couldn’t wander too far from the store to really shoot anything, but it was a very pleasant afternoon in the company of two amazing little cameras.

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