Quick look: the best accessory for the Sony A7/A7r

Quick look: the best accessory for the Sony A7/A7r

There are times when I really don’t need the VG-C1EM vertical grip and I went on a search for Swiss-Arca brackets and this particular item got my attention
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What makes this particular bracket special is the extension surrounding the battery compartment.
it adds about 1/2inch of height which is just enough to grip this camera with all fingers, provided you don’t have giant hands.

you will need an Allen wrench or a small coin to tighten it, a quarter won’t fit.

this item is precision made and doesn’t have any sharp corners and fits the A7/r perfectly.

You still have access to the battery compartment and the screen can be tilted downwards, however, you have to pull it out and away from the body first.

Overall I am stoked with this item, it has a solid feel, works as it should, adds just enough height to get a good grip and protects
the bottom of the camera. You can get it here on ebay.

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3 thoughts on “Quick look: the best accessory for the Sony A7/A7r

  1. Chris K.

    Thanks, Mike…I have something like this for my NEX-7 and I love it! (It was made by a guy in Lompoc, CA; probably an aerospace engineer/technician associated with Vandenberg. My NEX-7’s EVF has failed [dropped during a film shoot, but I got my money’s worth out of that camera!] so I’m hoping my NEX-7’s grip fits the A6000.)

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