Editorial with the A7r and new, favorite vintage lens!

Editorial with the A7r and new, favorite vintage lens!

shot with the Sony A7r and, let’s see if you guys can guess which lens I used

clue: not a lens I have used or talked about in the past…..




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26 thoughts on “Editorial with the A7r and new, favorite vintage lens!

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Keith, nope, 1.2, 7 elements, 6 groups, almost identical to a VERY FAMOUS lens from one of the top two DSLR makers, c’mon, guys, this really shouldn’t be that hard…

  2. Pedro Santos

    I find it :)
    One of this Yashinon/Vivitar/Revuenon/Rikenon 55/1.2 they are the same lens manufactured by Tomioka in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and after produced by Cosina.
    cheers ;)

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Getting closer, not quite there yet. Another tip: lens can be found for around 500 bucks in good to very good condition and the lens design is very similar to a legendary lens from a major camera maker…

  4. Jonathan Kardell

    I am guessing it may be my personal favorite, the Leica R 90 Summicron pre-asph. These are readily available for not too much money. My second guess would be a Canon FD 85 1.2L. Also available for about the same kind of money. (In less than mint condition, perhaps $600-$800)

    I would not stake my life on my guesses….. :)

  5. Brian Keith

    Contax (Zeiss) 28 f2.8 or Pentax /Takumar 35 f3.5 or Canon FD 28 f3.5 I’d better stop

  6. Laurence Zankowski


    Wild guess here, pre 80s, more then 9 blades but less then 20 blade aperture. Non coated, can’t tell if you did any chromic aberration correction so lets see, not sharp at edges( could be because lens is not calumated) so going out on a limb, Leica glass from 50-60s or some weird eastern bloc lens that only a handful were made.

    Am I Right? No?! Okay i don’t know.

    Be well

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