Amanda & Diana: Summer fashion in the studio with the Canon 5D mark III

Amanda & Diana: Summer fashion in the studio with the Canon 5D mark III


Our editorial for Soma magazine is on the stands, Andrew Mukamal did a fantastic job with the styling and the same can be said of Diana and Amanda for their work in front of the camera :)
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Equipment used:
Canon 5D mark III with kit lens
Elinchrom Ranger

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6 thoughts on “Amanda & Diana: Summer fashion in the studio with the Canon 5D mark III

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  2. arthur

    Hey Mike, great shots and styling. Do you think the af is really worth upgrading? I am not shooting video, just stills.

  3. John

    Don’t worry Mike many people don’t see things my way, but quite a few do. All the best.

  4. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi John, your interpretation and reaction to the models attitude totally surprised me. I really don’t see any of what you see, cool and sexy, yes, pissy and nasty, no. But then again, I am not a father (yet). :)

  5. John

    IMHO, Personally I thought these girls in the sun glasses were two nine year olds needing a slap for having such a bad attitude toward the world. Then I realized, no, they are adultish or something, but still need a slap for having such smirks on their respective faces. And, being a father I am a good judge of smirks. These women could be lovely, but not with such pissy expressions. Perhaps as a photographer that is why I prefer landscapes these days. Of course, I mean no offense to the young ladies or their photographer or anyone else. It is just an opinion based on my reaction to the images, I have no doubt many others will see things completely differently.
    IMHO I don’t think nasty attitudes expressed in photos are attractive in a sophisticated way, something new and better is needed. And speaking as a parent, I would feed these girls some food, they could stand to put on a few pounds! Feel free to disagree, these are just opiinion. I wish all the best.

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