The 50mp dilemma: Do I want it or do I ignore it

The 50mp dilemma: Do I want it or do I ignore it

leaked Canon 5Ds

Here they come, Canon out of the blocks first, with Sony and Nikon to follow. Man, this is the moment everyone has been waiting for, right? Well, I am not sure I was but I am sure there will be photographers with tears of joy in their eyes.
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Sure, some shoots/jobs/subjects require a high megapixel sensor and it is wonderful that the Big Three will be serving them now with and without glacé (read AA filter).

Until now, FF sensors topped out at 36mp . The files the D800E, D810 and A7r produce are stunning.
50mp compared to 36mp, produces a 1.18x increase in linear resolution, not that impressive.

Of course it is more impressive if you compare pixel dimensions, 4912 x 7360 vs approx 5800 x 8700 on a 50.4mp sensor.
Is this enough to compete with medium format? The simple answer is no and if you have ever shot
with mf you will know what I mean.

It is however great if you plan to use the crop mode for extended reach, you still get a relatively large file to work with.
Personally I find this the most attractive aspect for an upgrade.
Shooting in crop mode and ruthless cropping in post.

Things that will probably keep me away from the 50mp sensor since I rarely need extreme crops are:
larger raw files, slower work flow and lower ISO

I will probably keep shooting with the A7r since I rarely need that much resolution.
(my # 1 is the A7s, followed by the A7 and a distant 3rd, the A7r)
Of course, as someone diagnosed with GAS, I reserve the right to change my mind :)
Keep in mind I rarely need files larger then 3000 x 4500 for standard size catalogs and brochures which I can easily produce with the A7s.

I do expect dynamic range and color depth to be a little better then on the current best sensors but I highly doubt it will be revolutionary.

Based on Amazon, the A7s is commercially the most successful in the A7 line. No one expected it to begin with nor the success it had and still has and I admit, I wasn’t sold after reading the specs either but, to use an analogy, it is like passing a fruit stand with fresh blackberries at the farmers market and first you say, man, so expensive for such a tiny container, I can get 3 times as much at the supermarket……until you taste it. Keep that in mind when shopping for pixels!

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