Winter in Central Park, NYC: Canon Eos 7D

Winter in Central Park, NYC: Canon Eos 7D

Winter in Central Park, NYC: Canon Eos 7D: 720/60p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Not very often do we get so much snow here in the city, packed my 7D, a few lenses, small tripod, bean bag and headed to the park. I should really call this a weather proofing test, the gear was soaking wet after about 10min. Changing lenses was a challenge, I ended up using the Tokina 12-24mm and the Nikon 75-150mm (still my fav compact tele lens). No problems with the Camera body and/or lenses. Everything was shot with auto white balance, neutral color settings at 720/60p, Iso ranging from 200 to 400. Grading has been kept to a minimum, only contrast enhancement, no color correction. Music:
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14 thoughts on “Winter in Central Park, NYC: Canon Eos 7D

  1. Steve Dilley

    Mike, I just found your vimeo footage & started reading your blog–

    I had planned on getting the Canon T2i but I decided on buying a Canon 7D this weekend instead.

    I wasn’t sure if I was getting the right camera but your footage/clips look great — after watching a few of your test & videos I think I made a good decision.

    And thanks for sharing your shooting settings & breakdowns (lens,iso’s & aperatures).


  2. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks guys, Bob, i know the panning on the last scene, it is the camera and the conversion (vimeo), frankly, I don’t like it but not sure how to eliminate it, very slow pans seem the only answer for now.

  3. Bob Johnson

    Fascinated to see your video tests and the evolution of the DSLR video tools (and of course your artistic eye).

    One thing that’s still not clear is about the “stuttering” look when panning (not “rolling shutter” distortions, but a choppy feel). Given your overall quality approach, I’m guessing it’s the camera and not your panning motion itself (?)

    It appears you even filmed at 60fps which should make it even smoother, right?

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