Victoria: Canon 5D mark II, 24p

Victoria: Canon 5D mark II, 24p

Victoria: Canon 5D mark II, 24p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Victoria came to my studio with her Dad Philip and her two sisters, Miranda and Alexandra. What a great looking family. I photographed them all! But this was all about Victoria. Possibly the next super model? Let me know what you think, will she make it? I wish her good luck! Raw clips with freeze frames that indicate the moment when still pictures were taken. Bunch of Arri lights and a small fan for the hair. Canon 5Dmk2 with 75-150mm, 50mm and 24-70mm. Conformed to 24P in FCP. Music: “Blackroom” by Moby.

14 thoughts on “Victoria: Canon 5D mark II, 24p

  1. hugh

    Hey Mike, great video.

    I love your post processing.

    Is there a chance you could do a short workflow on the mov files on the MII into the app you use?

    keep up the grat work.


  2. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks for the comments guys. I am sure she will not drop out of school, don’t worry. @Dan Berty, 13years of age, arrives with dad, did she have a top on? take a wild guess!

  3. Dan Berty

    Mike, does she have a top on at all?? Doesn’t look like she has anything on?? Is it a tube top or what, would her Dad approve a 13 year old not to have her top on being filmed???

  4. Cal

    She looks great. Good bone structure! Nice eyes!
    Alan is right…she should try it and also keep trying to get education (university)
    going. We are still in a crisis. :-)

    can you tell me details about your lenses? Brand and model of your 70-150mm and 50mm?
    and of the 24-70mm?



  5. Alan

    She is gorgeous! The posing is quite normal for such young age girls.
    But if she working on her career (movement, walking, experience in photo shoots)- she will surely get there.

    Tell her dad that she should not give up school for modeling. She should try both parallel….after modeling she needs something as safety. Saw a dozen young girls went model and with 27 they all were house wifes……and no education to build on.

    Just sayin.

    And for your part- i like the high key look!




    Hi Mike,

    very nice Look&Feel!
    A little bit more infos about your light controlling (what modifiers etc) would be very interesting for me…

    Keep on rockin

  7. Peter

    Hey Mike,
    great shooting.
    Maybe the next model, not quite super yet :-)

    Tell Victoria to invest in a dvd called, Simply Modelling from Mary Duprie, she is a lengend when it comes to posing.

    love your work.


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