To Earth I Come:Jeremy Scott SS2010:Canon T2i, 550D

To Earth I Come:Jeremy Scott SS2010:Canon T2i, 550D

To Earth I Come:Jeremy Scott 2010:Canon T2i, 550D from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

There really wasn’t enough time to shoot a proper video during this photo shoot for

Zoot magazine with Sophie (check it out – on the stands in two weeks), but a friend of mine just purchased the T2i and dropped by my place at the right moment. I turned contrast and sharpness all the way down, Saturation down two notches, white balance to cloudy, too bad there are only white balance presets, but it will be fine for most situations, I guess. Slammed on my new Zeiss 50mm 1.4 and stuck it in my pocket (large pocket). The Camera is super light and tiny, much closer in size to the Panasonic GH1 then the 7D. It has the best LCD screen of all Canon’s! The tone curve, compared to the Canon 5D mark II and Eos 7D is a lot steeper and the colors are more saturated, it was partly cloudy the day of the shoot and the light was soft, so no problems there, in a higher contrast situation the steep tone curve could be problematic despite the short comings, I do love this little camera. Enjoy! If you like what you hear:
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4 thoughts on “To Earth I Come:Jeremy Scott SS2010:Canon T2i, 550D

  1. Nancy Morgan

    Regarding the Video using Canon T2i, I am trying to learn Manual, but in the meantime can I shoot Video with this camera using Auto Focus till I learn more?

  2. Sheygetz

    Hi Mike, I wonder if you could film and post a quick optical comparison between the T2i and any of the m4/3 crowd, like the E-P2. Everybody always says how tiny they are compared to, say, a 7D. But what about a small consumer camera, like the 550D. Is there still a sizeable benefit for m4/3 I wonder?

  3. Lisa Bettany

    love this. gives me so many new ideas for video projects. and true the 5DMKII is a beast to carry around. i’d love to have the T2i as my second body. :)

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