Times Square: NYC Tourist Minute: Lumix GH1

Times Square: NYC Tourist Minute: Lumix GH1

Time Square: NYC Tourist Minute: Lumix GH1 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Shot with the Lumix GH1, Iso 100 to Iso 1600.

Had a great time playing tourist for a couple hours, with Alexandra Avalone as the leading lady and Toby Tanser as the hungry peanut man. Lenses used: Lensbaby fisheye, Tokina 12-24mm, sigma 50mm 1.4.If you find this information helpful, please consider helping me maintaining this blog by purchasing your gear through my product links to B&H. It will cost you nothing and allows me to keep adding! Or consider making a direct donation using PayPal

Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Times Square: NYC Tourist Minute: Lumix GH1

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Filmor, I purchased it from twistedtracks.com, man its a long time ago and doesn’t show up in my history of purchases any longer, sorry, I don’t know remember the name

  2. filmor gadi

    mike , would you give me the name of the song?? ,… a lot of fun , great point of view determinate the kind of artist you are, that rimind me i have a lot to learn, greatings!!!

  3. jens

    just found this site “accidentally” while looking for a fisheye lens.
    great video. site is bookmarked.
    ohh and… yes she is very pretty

  4. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Guys! this one was a lot of fun. it was crazy crowded, Alex got comments all the time, mostly compliments, and one person commented on the camera she was using

  5. toby tanser

    Well done Mike, again you do wonders with on the street jump-in-there and shoot tactics and produce something of real quality! One wonders what you could do if someone putting some backing$$ behind a project for you~~

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