The Other Side: starring Polina Blinova: Shot with Panasonic Lumix GH2

The Other Side: starring Polina Blinova: Shot with Panasonic Lumix GH2

Polina’s look was the inspiration for this video. There was something about her when

she came by for a go see and the idea to shoot a ghost story was born.
A mysterious presence, even when she was totally still, I kept wondering …. The shoot was a lot of fun and totally minimalistic equipment wise. Two Panasonic GH2 bodies, one with the 20mm 1.7 and the other with the 14mm 2.5, (both manual focus and a pleasure to use esp through the EVF), Manfrotto 394 quick release and a Glidecam 2000pro. I practiced for a couple of hours and due to the weight of the cameras (or lack of it) it was very easy to balance. It did not take much to re-adjust between the two pancake lenses. The reason I was getting away with only two lenses is the GH2’s fantastic 2.6x tele-converter mode, it enables recording without light loss and image quality penalties. I also used two Interfit light panels, very small and reasonably priced.
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16 thoughts on “The Other Side: starring Polina Blinova: Shot with Panasonic Lumix GH2

  1. Bill

    having seen your videos after discovering you a few nights back I just have to say wow you’re talented man! if I ever make a film you’re my dream DP, you should be making movies Mike you are awesome, you’re the real Bloom / LaForet, they’re both just Robert McKees (he’s that hollywood scriptwriting seminar dude that everyone goes too, but I don’t think he’s ever had a script made into a film) when I watch Bloom and Laforet stuff (those two minute static shorts they do, do they do anything else?) I just think “that’s nice glass” but I don’t see creative flare!, when I see your stuff I think “Not everyone is the same behind a nice camera and great glass” you’re amazing! Zacuto, Rode and now Roland R26 you guys are giving away free sh*t to the wrong people to endorse your gear.
    Mike Kobal is the future, this guy should be our inspiration! why are Bloom and the likes not linking to him on their blogs because Kobal is dangerous, Mike go far you deserve too and you will, it’s time for change, round 2 of getting into DSLR, dslr 2.0 for 2012 this is the new guru and he’s got stuff to show.

  2. Polly


    how (recording settings and editing) did you create the ghost effects, especially in the mirror scene starting at 00:30 on the timeline ?
    Thank you!

  3. Ryan gray

    Ah nice, PPro… but what if you want to edit 7D or 5D footage on the same timeline?? What codec do you use and what are your sequence settings… if you don’t mind my asking ;)

  4. Ryan gray

    Hi Mike, I continue to enjoy watching your work for the past few years now. Question: How do you convert your files from your GH2 to edit them on your Mac?

  5. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks neil, its probably your computer, the video card can’t handle the data but the sound is being played back properly, now it appears out of sync, have never heart of any camera (dslr or traditional video cam) recording out of sync

  6. neil greentree

    Hi, have been following your blog and purchased my Gh2 from Band H ,great video by the way.
    Hope you could help i shot my first concerty and the sound is out of sync ? any ideas help would be much appreciated..thanks neil

  7. Anders

    Very cool!
    One small question: Can you use the iDC follow focus on the pancakes or is the focusing ring too close to the body?

  8. Jamie

    Very interesting work. Beautiful model and beautiful shots. I just picked up the 20mm 1.7 and am really enjoying it. Do you have anywhere a list of internal camera settings you use with your GH2?

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