Taming the beast: Jessica Margolis: Stylist

Taming the beast: Jessica Margolis: Stylist


Jessica Margolis styled my last editorial and I couldn’t help but wonder what she was up to when she wasn’t working…..
one more and tech info after the break

both shots were taken with the Fujifilm X100s at 1/4000! and f2 (ND on) at ISO200, the first one with the wide angle attachment.
You will also need a powerful flashgun, like this Quantum Turbo, to shoot in bright sunlight.


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7 thoughts on “Taming the beast: Jessica Margolis: Stylist

  1. Joel

    Have you ever tried out the Fuji ef x20? How does it work for Street shooting? I guess the Quantum that you used for these shots are way more powerful however…

    Thanks for a great blog btw!

  2. Jack

    Wow sounds great, have been considering the quantam for a long time, look forward to your article!

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Hey Jack, the quantum was mounted on a large bracket, dwarfed the camera, looked pretty funny while shooting, mounted like a boom, simulating a studio strobe set up, no way you can get that with the built in flash, the power you need alone….anyway, I will post an article on shooting with strobes and high shutter speed as soon as I find the time

  4. Jack

    Hi Mike,

    Looks great! Did you mount the quantum on x100s directly and shoot straight on? The quality of the light looks great, almost like a ring light! Also, couldn’t the built in flash give a similar effect?

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