Zeiss 55mm

A closer look at bokeh-licous short tele lenses that will help you get over the Otus blues

Sony A7r with the Takumar mk2 135mm f2.5

Don’t despair my friends, you have a few options left to create great images without
remortgaging your home
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A girl and her hat: Maria S.

A quick shoot with Maria and the Zeiss 55mm 1.8 wide open on the Sony A7. This setup is now officially my favorite standard lens/body combo.
Af is spot on in good light, even when the model moves a lot, the keeper rate is much higher then during my Canon 5Dmk3/50mmL 1.2 and Nikon D800/50mm 1.4 days. Of course I am still using Canikons, however, nothing beats the current Zeiss 55mm for full figure and 3/4 location shots. A few more shots after the break

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