Winter in Central Park, NYC: Canon Eos 7D

Winter in Central Park, NYC: Canon Eos 7D: 720/60p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Not very often do we get so much snow here in the city, packed my 7D, a few lenses, small tripod, bean bag and headed to the park. I should really call this a weather proofing test, the gear was soaking wet after about 10min. Changing lenses was a challenge, I ended up using the Tokina 12-24mm and the Nikon 75-150mm (still my fav compact tele lens). No problems with the Camera body and/or lenses. Everything was shot with auto white balance, neutral color settings at 720/60p, Iso ranging from 200 to 400. Grading has been kept to a minimum, only contrast enhancement, no color correction. Music:
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