Sony RX10

Frostbite, shooting video at 10ºF with the Sony RX10

watch in full HD 1080p

Unlike the storm we had a couple of years ago when I wasn’t so sure that my Canon 7D would survive, the arrival of winter this year wasn’t quite as dramatic. However, wind chill pushed temperatures
well below zero and I headed to CP dressed in snowboard gear, the Sony RX10 a lightweight Sirui and a short Konova K2 slider.
It was the coldest day of the year so far and since cold days reduce atmospheric dust concentration the sky was bluer then usual. How did the RX10 hold up in these conditions?
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Sony RX10 update: the multi task champion? Only time will tell……

The RX10 arrived, remember how excited I was about this camera? Unfortunately mine slipped through quality control and was DOA. Well, not completely, it would power up and I could set the time, date etc, however, once I switched to 1080/24p mode it produced the following message
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JOHNNIE BEHIRI shoots his first documentary with the Sony RX10

en&is- Shot with Sony RX10 from Johnnie Behiri on Vimeo.

My friend Johnny already shot a mini documentary with his Sony RX10!
“With so many inventive features I was very excited to finally start shooting the little “custom made” mini doc you see above. My plan was to simulate a real news/documentary run&gun situation when mostly available light is what you have and filming time is very limited. After all, I believe that this camera is aimed for VJ’s (video journalists) and is NOT meant to replace the work/look with a large sensor camera in any way.”
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