Ricoh GR

Dangerously sharp: Ricoh GR

shot at f6.3 ISO 100

Like many of you I am very excited about the Sony A7r and I am really hoping it will live up to our expectations. I am very curious about the performance with 3rd party lenses, particularly super wide angle primes. I am seriously wondering if an interchangeable lens camera can match the quality of cameras like the Sony RX1r and the Ricoh GR.
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Street portrait of the day: Moonlight Night


I spotted Raymond – while out on an evening bike ride – a french painter, who lives in NYC, as he was working on a sketch depicting the Williamsburg bridge and the moon. I stopped and asked him if he would allow me to take a few pictures. Shot with the Ricoh GR wide open at ISO 6400 and 28mm.
Does anyone recognize this very nice painter from France? I got his email, however, my Droid was so low on battery it didn’t save the contact info. As soon as I realized what happened I rode back but Raymond was gone.

Street photo of the day: Symmetry: and a few thoughts on the new Fuji X-E2

good old times, shot with the Fuji X-E1 and the 18mm 2.0

As you probably noticed after I started shooting with the X100s, the X-E1 stayed in the drawer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the X-E1, I still consider it one of the best Leica alternatives, however, the silent shutter and the faster af speed on the X100s just make a lot more sense for my type of shooting. As expected, Fuji upgraded the X-E2 with their latest X-trans sensor and made a few minor improvements that should help put an even bigger smile on the photographers face. Should you upgrade if you have the X-E1? I sure would, af speed is important to me and every little bit counts. I won’t get one since I am using the X100s and the GR as my main street cameras – both with silent shutters, a huge plus for street photography. If you already have the X-E1 and are happy with it, there really is no need to upgrade. If af speed has been an issue for you, give it a try, there will be a noticeable improvement in af speed, however, don’t expect a miracle, the X-E1’s af speed is already pretty good. Kudos to Fuji for listening and continuously releasing cameras that make most of us smile and enjoy photography all over again!
You can preorder the X-E2 here at BH, black body only, , silver body only, black X-E2 with kit lens, or silver body with kit lens.
And you can preorder all new Fuji X-E2 configurations here from Adorama.