From Sony to Fuji X-T2, first 6 month.

2x Fuji X T2 with a grip, the perfectly fitting SmallRig cage, Peak Design straps, the
56mm 1.2 and still one of my fav’s, the 1st gen 35mm 1.4

Hi there my friends, it has been awhile,

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Sony A7r, long term performer or front runner?

My report that the Sony A7r and 55mm f1.8 Zeiss combo is capable to focus faster -in good light- then my Nikon D800e/Nikkor 50mm 1.4 caused quite a stirr :) Let me say it again, in good light, the A7r/55mm combo is faster then the D800e/50mm 1.4 combo, I have used the Nikon d800e/50mm 1.4 on enough professional shoots to assure you I wasn’t drunk when I wrote that. This of course doesn’t mean that the A7r has better af then the Nikon D800e. More after the break

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Chinatown, NYC, a photo essay in color, shot with the Nikon D800e and Ricoh GR


Chinatown hasn’t lost its magic since I first visited NYC many years ago. Hardly anything has changed. Most of us, even die-hard new yorkers feel like tourists walking down Mott street. A visual delight for photographers of all sorts, I have tried to capture my essential Chinatown, this time keeping it all square and in color
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