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According to Instagram, these are my most liked and commented shots from 2015. An interesting year as I became addicted to street shooting (again), as you probably noticed I haven’t had much interest to review gear.

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Why I am shooting Hasselblad again.


just kidding guys, shooting with the Sony A7rII, love the square crop,
plenty of mp for that :)

Got my 2nd A7rII body on Ebay (great deals).

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Guest post: Dierk Topp: first experiences with the Sony A7r

This is the A7R with the 17mm TS-E on Metabones smart adapter Mark III:
for me the ideal combination of one of the best sensors and the widest tilt/shift lens for shooting architecture!
(this shot was taken with the Micro Nikkor 85mm/2.8 PC tilt/shift lens with Metabones adapter on the NEX-6, lens tilted for correct focus plane)

I decided to order the A7R, because I love big prints. For example this week I got 4 canvas prints of together 8 square meters, all stitched images from the NEX-6.
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