low light

Kate: rainy days

ks_rainprocess0003 3
a quick snap with Kate, shot with the Sony A7rII and the Zeiss 55mm f1.8 wide open in crop mode.
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Panasonic GH4: the 4K experience: field report

I received my GH4 weeks ago but didn’t get a chance to shoot video until this past weekend. There are plenty of good reviews out there and by now everybody knows the GH4 is every bit as exciting as the 5DmkII was back in 2008.
graded/ungraded version, equipment list after the break

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Fujifilm X100s low light and torture test review

shot hand held at 1/30, f2, ISO 640

The first time I took the X100s out, I learned that a minor downpour won’t cause any harm (your mileage may vary, be careful and do it at your own risk). Naturally, I wasn’t too bothered when it started to dump wet snow during my night walk – no umbrella and the X100s around my neck.
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