Temptations: Flash units, HSS, summer sale

I rarely post sales deals, unless I am seriously tempted to buy it myself :)
this is too good to pass up, I am currently using the Flashpoint FPLFSL360, pictured above, manual (non TTL) version, and it works producing serious flash power in HSS mode at reasonable shooting speeds without overheating, all the way up to 1/8000 on the A7rII (1/4000 on A6300). You will need the newly released Flashpoint R2 TTL 2.4G Wireless Transmitter For Sony Cameras to work with the Sony multi interface hot shoe. The beauty about this strobe – you aren’t limited to one camera brand, if you happen to shoot multiple systems, you can get additional triggers for Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Sony, M43 and Fuji and get high speed sync on all those cameras and remotely adjust power output down to 1/256. VERY IMPORTANT: To make this work you will need the newly released GODOX XTR16 2.4GHZ USB receiver (HSS will not work with the older 433Mhz receiver/transmitter bundled with the flash). The Flashpoint version of the XTR16 should be out soon, in the mean time you can find the Godox XTR16 USB receiver for a couple bucks here on eBay. Image below: Godox XTR16 USB receiver plugged into USB port, make sure you get the pictured USB version, there is also a non USB version available (rectangular)
One more thing: To get perfectly lit images at all shutter speeds, you need to turn e front curtain shutter off, otherwise you will see lines at higher shutter speeds and you need to put the unit in HSS mode by pressing the MODE and SET button simultaneously.

Here is the link to all current flash deals at Adorama.

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Sony R10 II: Strobists De-Light?

bmx_mask_08141500283 copy1200px
last light on Houston street (mask by Juliana Lazzaro), shot with the Sony RX10II at ISO 64, f9 1/40 with the Godox Witstro AR400 in manual mode

Most reviews focus on the 4k and slow motion capacity of this camera, very impressive stuff, indeed, however, to some photographers, the ability to sync strobes up to 1/1000 might be more valuable

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Sony RX10 update: the multi task champion? Only time will tell……

The RX10 arrived, remember how excited I was about this camera? Unfortunately mine slipped through quality control and was DOA. Well, not completely, it would power up and I could set the time, date etc, however, once I switched to 1080/24p mode it produced the following message
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Strobists delight: the leaf shutter advantage of the Fuji X100s

Lina holding my Quantum flash with Softbox, custom braket and the X100s

The innovative 4 bladed leaf shutter in the Fujifilm x100s has two major advantages over focal plane shutters, silent, almost inaudible operation for candid photography and flash sync at all shutter speeds. Today I will share tips on how to use professional grade strobes to achieve stunning lighting in challenging and bright outdoor scenarios, what to watch out for during shoots and a list of suitable strobes I came across during my search for a powerful yet light weight and reasonably priced flash system to use with my X100s.
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