Fujifilm x100s

Fujifilm X100s low light and torture test review

shot hand held at 1/30, f2, ISO 640

The first time I took the X100s out, I learned that a minor downpour won’t cause any harm (your mileage may vary, be careful and do it at your own risk). Naturally, I wasn’t too bothered when it started to dump wet snow during my night walk – no umbrella and the X100s around my neck.
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Snow In The City: a real world shooting experience with the Sony RX1

shot raw (converted in ACR) with the Sony RX1 at 1/640, f4.0, ISO 1000

I finally got my hands on the Sony RX1. Excellent timing since I also have the Fuji X100s here. You might remember I was totally blown away by the RX100, a great street camera (click here for my Paris street shots) AND video camera (click here for the Sandy Hurricane video). Needless to say my expectations for the RX1 were very high. OK, let’s get right to it, my impressions about image quality, handling, responsiveness from my time with the RX1 so far, after the break

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Union square weather man: Fuji X100s street style


can you say responsive, nailed focus, wide open, 1/500, f2, ISO 200 :)
AWB, processed at default settings in ACR.
One of the first shots from my walk on Union square shooting with
the Sony RX1 and Fuji X100s. Will post the rest tomorrow.