Soma magazine: first editorial: shooting for print with the Sony A7/r: field report, part two.

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If you haven’t seen part one, click here to find out about camera set up and the video shoot.

how does the Sony A7 perform when shooting a fast paced editorial?
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How to choose a mirrorless camera system to replace your DSLR’s

Over the last few month, I received a few requests for advice, mostly from Canon and Nikon shooters asking which mirrorless system to choose to replace their DSLR kit, not photographers just looking for a secondary camera system, this is important because my priorities wouldn’t be the same. Below is a list you might find helpful for your decision :
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Portrait of the day: the barber shop owner: a perfect subject for the Nikon Df?


As I am eagerly awaiting the official announcement of the Nikon Df (Nikonrumors), I came across this retro looking portrait. Welcome to the past, nothing in that place indicates that this photo was taken on Sept 26th, 2013, it could just as well have been taken 20 years earlier.
Now wouldn’t it be great to shoot a series of places and people who live a simpler life? Look at A. Gonzales, a 70+ retired champion boxer and correction officer, who couldn’t just lay back and do nothing, he opened a barber shop instead. A charismatic guy, full of energy who loves life as he knows it. I thanked him for allowing me to take his picture and asked him for his email address, he just laughed and said he doesn’t have email.
Shot with the Nikon D800E and the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 D wide open.