A closer look at bokeh-licous short tele lenses that will help you get over the Otus blues

Sony A7r with the Takumar mk2 135mm f2.5

Don’t despair my friends, you have a few options left to create great images without
remortgaging your home
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A Powerful Smile: Sarah Bellagha, video shoot with the Sony A7 and A7r

a powerful smile from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Sarah Bellagha is a passionate girl. There is a shyness about her. Look into her beautiful eyes and you will see compassion, love and stars. Lots of stars. A fun shoot with the Sony A7 and A7r and lots of manual glass
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First studio shoot with the Sony A7: Kate, close up, beauty

Sony A7 and my favorite lens, the Nikkor 135mm f2 wide open.
I have been asked to shoot a beauty spread and since the Sony A7 just landed on my desk the day before I went for it. :)
Of course I had my D800E ready, just in case (never touched it though). This shot is a good example for when you really need an EVF, wysiwyg and you can change the aperture until the image looks just how you imagined. Speeds up the workflow and much easier on the model who can’t move an inch during close ups like this. Overall I loved shooting with the Sony A7, I will post my impressions and the rest of the images soon.