Studio fashion with the Sony SLT A77

Studio fashion with the Sony SLT A77


My first studio editorial with the Sony A77 (full spread here) the camera does not cease to impress me. I found the EVF to be perfect in the studio and never felt the need to review the captures. And I have a new favorite studio lens! more after the break





the Rokinon 35mm 1.4 MF lens, stellar performance on this sensor, no problems with MF (due to the high contrast already wide open), field curvature wasn’t and issue and I was shooting at F2 to F2.8! This lens is tack sharp from F2 onwards and totally usable at 1.4!
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11 thoughts on “Studio fashion with the Sony SLT A77

  1. RVN

    thank you, i i like elinchrom ranger quadra when i first saw it, and i want to buy it for my work with A7/A7r, before that i want to make sure are this elinchrom ranger quadra can work with these camera (A7/A7r)? thank you very much sir :D

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks RVN, I don’t have the A77 anymore and can’t really give you any specific info on hss, this shoot was shot with continuous lighting,
    I do use the Elinchrom Ranger on a regular basis, love it.

  3. RVN

    helo mike, i really love your photoshot! great work man!
    btw i really curious what elinchrom you had been use? are there elinchrom ranger quadra? how it can be work with radio wireless trigger? are you use pocket wizzard or other similiar like phottix odin? thanks man! really help

  4. Patrick

    Mike do you prefer this more then the 35 mm 1.8 ? Glad iI found your site I too have the a77 and want to build my own little studio with some brxi fron elinchrom. Could you tell use more wat u use to shoot this beatifull photos?
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Patrick

  5. Devorah

    I have two a65’s for portrait and editorial work, and I find myself almost exclusively using my Rokinon 35 & 85 — the focus peaking makes them both an absolute pleasure to use, and the image quality is gorgeous. Tremendous value, both the lenses & the body. Beautiful work above. :)

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