Sony A6300, might this be the one?

Sony A6300, might this be the one?


Picked up from Adorama, if you happen to be in the city, go to the store and
ask for Efraim Nussbaum, he is the man with a truck load of A6300 behind his desk :)
I will be testing it over the weekend, put any questions you have about the camera in the comment box.

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8 thoughts on “Sony A6300, might this be the one?

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    I would go for the two lens option.this would help you learn and discover your personal preferences and shooting habits. The 6300 can overheat in 4k, you could develop your skills and at some point later upgrade to the 6500

  2. Kristine

    Oh I dont know what to do. Beginner photographer wanting to buy kit under $1,500. One is a6000 and comes with two sony lenses and a wide angle, etc. The other is a6300 but would inly come with one (and not sure if it is Sony). Really want to go for the 4k since I’m making the investment, but not sure if it’s worth it or if I should go for the a6000 and two Sony lenses.

  3. Stephen Lewis

    Mike, hello. Could you test the camera (focusing, files), etc.) with, via an adapter, one or more Nikon AI or other legacy lenses? I’m now searching for a digital body with which to try set my old analogue 35mm lenses to work (ah, if only I could find an APSC body compatible with my large format Rodenstocks! :). Also, does the 6300 still incorporate a digital horizon level or, if not, a choice of built-in viewing grids? With thanks …

  4. JSturr

    I re-looked at the lens after I posted — ugh. Thanks for the correction — so per crop standards – that’s 15mm-27mm.


  5. JSturr

    Mike — Please consider discussing how you are going to marry this into your robust line of equipment.

    Also – I see you have an adapted lens – please discuss you thoughts about how this will work for you.

    Also – has the color rendering of the Sony product(s) affected your vision, and have you had to correct this to reach a visual goal. The rendering of the Fuji systems has really attracted me more so than the Sony gear. I was a first adopter of the Nex-7 and that piece only kept me for 18 months as the Nikon look is where my heart was. And still is.

    Can’t wait to hear your review.


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