Shooting 4k in the heat: Sony A7rII

Shooting 4k in the heat: Sony A7rII

Shot with the Sony A7rII, the Sony 18-200mm 3.5-6.3 and the Saramonic XLR sound box.
Music:Ripples Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

A converted storage/factory building in Brooklyn, no air conditioning, just few fans blowing, birds chirping, a hub for artists like Michiko to do their thing

a huge space, divided into small work stations, we shot in natural light to capture the feel of the place. Room temperature was between 85 and 90 Deg. Maximum clip length: 120 sec. 2 to 3 takes per scene. Within minutes the rear LCD was hot enough to fry eggs. There wasn’t a way to cool it down, kept shooting with the LCD pulled away from the body. The camera didn’t over heat. In addition to the Sony 18-200mm, my main lens, I also used the 10-18mm briefly.
I was relieved the camera didn’t shut down, the breaks between takes were short, a few seconds.
Sound: This is the first time I used the Saramonic XLR box with the included kit mic for a shoot.
Sound quality is comparable to Sony xlr-k1m, of course the main reason to use it is the option to attach a high quality phantom powered shot gun mic and the two volume control dials, one for each channel. Since I only used one mic, I was able to adjust sound levels with one dial. The dials are very sensitive, one has to be careful and develop a feel for it before heading out for a shoot, a slight turn produces noticeable volume changes. The dials on the Sony xlr-k1m are better, however, it only works with the multi control hot shoe and costs more twice as much. If you can get used to the dials, this is a good, cost effective alternative. It is nice being able to use it with any camera equipped with a standard mic plug.

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