Sensual Beauty: Kenza Fourati

Sensual Beauty: Kenza Fourati

I am excited to share a few of my favorite shots from our improvised beauty session, starring Kenza Fourati. Our friend Jenny Scarpelli came up with make up inspirations, we turned up the music and started shooting,
tech info and the rest of the set after the break

everything was shot with the Sony A7 and the Nikkor Series E 100mm wide open with the lens not fully attached. The week prior to the shoot I ordered a few Kaesler fluorescent flat panels and they arrived on time for this session. I am very impressed with these lighting panels, they are a bargain and a great addition to my continuous lighting kit.

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7 thoughts on “Sensual Beauty: Kenza Fourati

  1. metamind

    Thank you for your precise answer. That’s the point. If it’s as fast as a MF camera, it will do the job for me. I am not a sports/action photographer, image quality is much more important than quantity in focus – but of course, AF needs to be fast enough for standard studio light conditions. Since I have the A7, I am thinking about selling my 5DmIII…Similar situation here :-)

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi metamind! I use both, you know this is a serious system when you can rent the A7r from major rental places in NYC! I totally agree about the 55mm, this lens alone is worth getting into the A7/r system. I find the A7r’s af totally acceptable in the studio, it focuses at least as fast as a medium format camera.
    Outside, during a fast paced shoot with lot’s of movement however, I will take the A7, the speed just isn’t there on the A7r. I am torn and seriously considering trading my D800E for the A7r or another A7….or wait for the next generation. I would say, go for the A7r for studio work :)

  3. metamind

    Very cool! Is this A7 or A7r ? Do you use both ? I have just bought the A7 with the 55 1.8. It is a brilliant camera and a very impressive lens – but I am still considering to change to the A7r body, because I am a resolution freak. Would you consider the A7 better for studio work due to autofocus advantages over the A7r ? I am mostly shooting under standard studio conditions, which usually means, that there is is not as much light as outside for the focussing process. I would love to have the A7r power, but aufofocus is equally important to me.

    Thanks! All the best for you!

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