Secrets: starring Rachel Alexander: shot with the Sony A7rII

Secrets: starring Rachel Alexander: shot with the Sony A7rII

Secrets: Rachel Alexander: shot with the Sony A7rII from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

It has been a while since I pressed the video button during a photo shoot :)
Check out Rachel Alexander’s BTS fashion essay’s here:

shot with the Sony A7r at 120fps at 720, upsized to 1080, holding up great!
Lenses used:
Zeiss FE 55mm
Sony FE 28mm
Zeiss FE 16 35mm
Sony 10-18mm
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8 thoughts on “Secrets: starring Rachel Alexander: shot with the Sony A7rII

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks so much, Bob! Not at all, it’s the best apsc camera ever, lol! I shot a multi day catalog 99.9% in crop mode, love the ff quality of the sensor but we need a small raw option. The A7rii is my main camera now, just picked up a second one.

  2. Bob Krist

    Beautiful job, as always, Mikeā€¦it all flows so well. Have you been shooting the A7Rii much in APSC mode? With all my small, sharp Sony E primes in this format, I am liking both the video, and the 18mp stills, I get out of this camera in the crop mode. Is that so wrong?:-)

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Ken! I could have shot this with the gh4, the a7s and a few other cameras. Now the main appeal of the a7rii is that I can use one camera for everything I shoot and don’t feel compromised in any department :)

  4. Ken Burg

    Very nice, and creative. I’m curious if you feel you could have accomplished this with anything less than the super camera you used, or does it offer something that other cameras don’t? Thanks.

  5. Hank R

    Hi Mike:

    In a word: fantastic!!

    Great composition, love the B&W and sound mixing. The Sony video system’s capabilities are impressive.

    All the Best,


  6. Laurence Zankowski


    You just keep pushing the inspiration button. I am a benefactor of your experimentation.

    Well done!

    Be well,

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