Preview: The New Style: AG Hair

Preview: The New Style: AG Hair

I would like to share part one of the AG Hair campaign with you, Kris Blizzard, our creative director, did an amazing job with directing and the layout
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Apologies for the lack of tech updates and reviews lately, I have been swamped with work, but don’t worry, I will be back ;)

This was one of the last assignments shot with the Nikon D800E before switching to the Sony A7r/A7.
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3 thoughts on “Preview: The New Style: AG Hair

  1. Joel

    I do no commercial photographic work of my own (though a fair bit internally as part of other projects) but it’s very interesting to hear of how other businesses are structured and what their values are. Many thanks for your comments.


  2. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Joel,
    ideally, a client picks a photographer based on his style or a particular editorial piece they came across. In this case, I have a long working relationship with Kris. It started many years ago shooting for Butter magazine. Over the years, we have worked together for different clients and we are always on the “same page”. This is probably the most important part about assignments, making sure one fully understands the clients concept and needs and being able to offer a solution within one’s personal shooting style. I would rather pass on a job then shoot something in an unfamiliar way because chances are the client won’t be happy with the result. At the end of the day, make sure you are 100% confident you can deliver something you can be proud of and make the client happy, this is your best promotion and will lead to more work.

  3. Joel


    When you have some time, it would be interesting to understand how these jobs come around, how you like to plan for them and develop the ideas for a shoot and deal with the technical issues that arise. You have developed a distinct style, which is hopefully what your clients are after, but how much to bend your way or the clients’ way?


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