Panasonic GH2 or vs Canon 60D or vs Sony Nex VG10, compared, which one is better, wins, shootout

Panasonic GH2 or vs Canon 60D or vs Sony Nex VG10, compared, which one is better, wins, shootout

A quick comparison between the Panasonic Lumix GH2, Canon Eos 60D and Sony Nex VG10. I admit,

the Sony was the big surprise for me. The finish on that camera, the superb lens, LCD, ultra fast AF, slow shutter speeds, (below 1/30th in movie mode) with AF enabled, superb microphone (although no XLR inputs, but neither do the other two cameras) are amazing things to have in this high end, large sensor prosumer camcorder. (The GH2 allows slow shutter speeds during movie recording but only in MF mode), the Canon doesn’t allow slow shutter speeds, AF or MF. If only one could capture raw images with the Sony, it would be the winner of this shootout. Now keep in mind this is my personal point of view, and the camera has to fit the shooter just like shoes have to fit. After the initial excitement about tech specs it comes down to ergonomics, do I look forward shooting with this camera or not so much? Do I find everything intuitively or am I getting frustrated having to go deep into the menu to find a basic setting….In the end for me the all round winner here is the Panasonic GH2, it is the best combo cam, equally delivers in the photo and video department and its small, light and can go anywhere. The results may be totally different for you, it is best to go to a store and compare them side by side.

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10 thoughts on “Panasonic GH2 or vs Canon 60D or vs Sony Nex VG10, compared, which one is better, wins, shootout

  1. Ian Tindale

    Is it me, or (from the sample clips at the end) the Sony has vastly superior audio definition — the sound was much better, more detailed, realistic, lively and “here” rather than far away.

  2. curtis

    Very nice review. I would have been curious to see some comparisons with the photos, since the GH2 is relatively new I haven’t seen too many sample image comparisons that were more real world based as opposed to lab type tests. Since you shoot people, and probably many of your readers do, it would have been interesting to see comparisons of the tonal gradations encountered when shooting people. Would love to see that kind of thing in a future test should you do something similar.

  3. Larry l cut

    Very hood video!I just bought Sony nex vg 10 and I am very pleased with the results.I just have one question if anyone can help me…I can’t find how to shoot confucius still images 7 fps neither the manual says how.the menu is very easy and I feel stupid that I can’t find it!

  4. Francisco

    Nice video and all, but why did you choose to review the Canon, and Panasonic offering to a much more similar offering like the Sony Alpha 55? Were you afraid that the Sony A55 might trounce the other 2 cams in the different stuff that you mentioned, like IQ, frames per second (10fps), fast autofocus + is, and most importantly price? I’m not attacking your vid, I’m just thinking that it would’ve been a more obvious comparison than the VG10, which is a dedicated video cam after all.

    @Bill – I don’t know, but that VG10 footage was incredibly good. I didn’t notice a “video” sense to it at all.

  5. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Bill, let me know what you think about the mirror once you look through the GH2 viewfinder! it is incredible, I am ready to have a Canon 5D Mark III without a mirror, just give me the GH2 viewfinder. Seriously that good. Happy Holidays!

  6. Bill

    Thanks for posting the shootout, Mike. I agree with your final assessment 100%. As someone who shoots both stills and video for distribution, my vote is for the GH2, which I ordered a couple of days ago from Canada. I’ll keep my Canon T2i though, to sit on the shelf next to my old film cameras, in case I ever miss the clunk of a mirror!


    P.S. The biggest problem with the Sony for guys coming from film world is the lack of 24 frame per second progressive scan. Interlaced scans look good on a video screen, but they shout “video” when projected.

  7. VonRiesling

    Great mini-review. Thank you for taking the trouble to produce this piece and post it. Three cameras I’m interested in.

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