Move over Nikon D800E, here comes the Canon 5D mark IIIE!

Move over Nikon D800E, here comes the Canon 5D mark IIIE!

James Miller succeeded removing the AA filter on his Canon 5D3! This is huge! Warning, this will void your warranty and potentially damage your camera, don’t start dismantling your 5D mark III just yet, let’s wait for the final verdict, should be in shortly, stay tuned…..updated with part II after the break

Update 3: Now back on line. The native files from the Canon seem to be getting flagged as interlaced for some reason have to watch the one.

Update 2: Messed up on the transcoding from the native files. Somehow I set the prores to interlaced! New edit coming later today. Sorry folks

Update. I plan a shoot along side another standard MK3
towards the end of the week. I should have shot local or something different to judge resolution. Very hard to judge with this video. I’ll shoot on a nice prime for the next test.


Popped down to Brighton, on the UK’s South coast today to shoot some footage with the 5DMK3. This camera has had one of the 2 OLPF removed.

Graded footage. The images & stills from today suffered from heat rising on the ground and gives a shimmer, this is not aliasing but does make some detail appear soft.


Shot using the Heliopan ND Vario. Causes some slight corner vignetting. I should have removed this and increased shutter really. The Vimeo download is at a much lower bitrate than the originals that looked so nice.

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