Model of the day: Sara: shot with the Sony A7 and my new $99 bargain portrait lens, wide open

Model of the day: Sara: shot with the Sony A7 and my new $99 bargain portrait lens, wide open

One of my favorite shots from this morning with Sara, shot with the Sony A7 and the

100% crop, Nikkor E 100mm @2.8

tiny Nikkor E 100mm f2.8. This lens is already very sharp wide open. Lots of deals when you search Ebay, you can find it in great condition for around $100. Check the image below, this is a very compact and easy to focus portrait lens.

I am using this Nikkor G lens to Nex adapter.
I started using the Peak Design cuffs and straps on my Sony cameras, the black rubber sleeve (road tube) prevents raddeling noise during video takes. Love them.

I also like the Nikkor E 50mm 1.8, a very sharp lens, perfect size when on the

You can find this lens for around $50 here on ebay. If you ended up with the Sony A7 or A7r and can’t justify spending 1k for the Zeiss 55mm and are okay with mf, then these vintage E Nikkors are the way to go.

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4 thoughts on “Model of the day: Sara: shot with the Sony A7 and my new $99 bargain portrait lens, wide open

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Erik, for mf lenses, the Sony A7/r, no doubt, focusing will be so much easier because of the fantastic EVF. Older AF Nikkors, the DF.

  2. Erik

    Which camera would you recommend to someone with a large collection of manual Nikkor lenses? A Nikon Df or a Sony A7?

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Ron! I hear you, it took me a while to get used to that shutter sound. Haven’t had a chance to shoot much yet, but 10min into the session I didn’t notice it anymore. If you can live with one lens, by all means, go for it, the
    RX1/r are very nice cameras and even the slower af beats mf :)
    I do like those tiny E lenses though, crazy sharp and cheap and the EVF really is good enough, mf isn’t a problem at all.

  4. ron greer

    nice shot Mike; I’ll have to check that lens out.

    Say, I went to the Sony store today and tried out the A7 & A7r for the first time. I was prepared for the noise but was shocked how much vibration both of them have. Even the A7 with the EFS activated has quite a rough feeling and sounding shutter. I went home and test fired my D800. Man no comparison; the Nikon is so refined and buttery smooth! I think that shutter would take all the fun out of shooting!

    I’m actually thinking I will look again at the RX1. Even smaller, super quiet, and I think I could live with the fixed lens; it might even be good to be limited to one lens.

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