Model of the day: Brenda

Model of the day: Brenda

shot with the Sony A7 and the Zeiss  135mm f1.8

shot with the Sony A7 and the Zeiss 135mm f1.8


Brenda_one_070315_3399 copy

Still one of my fav combos, the A7 with the Zeiss 135mm f1.8. This time I used the LA EA3 instead of the LAEA4. Ordered one, you guessed it, to use with SSM Alpha lenses on the new Sony A7rII (on order at Adorama).
The LA EA3 maintains electronic communication with the camera, compared to the LA EA4 it is smaller, lighter and mf only on current bodies. AF will work on the A7rII with SSM Alpha mount lenses, not sure if it would be possible to make an af adapter we could use with older, screw drive af alpha mount Minolta/Sony/Zeiss lenses AND get af on the A7rII. Now that would be awesome :)

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2 thoughts on “Model of the day: Brenda

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Staton,
    I looked through all your incredible galleries, absolutely stunning work, love it!
    I can see the A7 af system being too slow for most of your shooting, I would feel much more comfortable with a few Canon or Nikon pro bodies and a few fast zoom lenses. I could also see myself shooting with the Sony A99, however, on my Africa trip a couple years ago, shooting in the slums of Kibera and a feeding, the A77 was a good choice for most of it, esp since video was also required, however, the flash system can’t hang with the Canikons, had over heating issues.
    If I would go there today, I would probably grab two or three Nikon V3 bodies and a bunch of lenses, incredible system, as long as there is enough light.

  2. Staton

    nice to see you posting again.
    I just finished a preliminary website for some work I’ve done, the Japan folder may interest you the most though.

    Still, Sony is the only company to produce a camera that allows so many lenses to be used with it.
    I am looking forward to trying out the 7Rii, this should be amazing…Currently not that impressed with the low light auto focus of the 7ii…its hit or miss.
    Will be picking up a 7s shortly, and looking forward to using that one for low light…all light actually!

    Be cool out there. Nice work as always.

    Cheers. Staton Winter

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