Model of the day: Alessia Sushko, paparazzi style.

Model of the day: Alessia Sushko, paparazzi style.

shot with the Sony A6300 and the 10-18mm.

3 thoughts on “Model of the day: Alessia Sushko, paparazzi style.

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Staton, thank you!
    Battery life sucks, I am using it with the Meike grip,you can fit 2 batteries but the battery level indicator only works for the first battery, then it switches over and keeps going, showing the empty battery symbol. lol. distressing, cuz you don’t know at what level the level of your second battery…overheating yes, I keep my clips around 90sec, even then shooting consecutively, it gets very hot, hadn’t had any issues yet but I wouldn’t use it for longer takes.
    I am excited about checking out the Fuji X-T2, although it lacks slow motion, I think the Fuji film simulations and 4k might just be the answer if it doesn’t overheat :) You can use the Nikon zoom with the basic Nikon G to sony nex adapter, only manual though…..

  2. staton

    Great shot, on camera flash? How is battery life? Video and over heating is a question I have…I really want one of these cameras, but before I get too invested in the ecosystem…well questions. I already have two sony’s an A7II and an A7s, both great cameras, a 35 and a 55…covers everything I do…and add on manual focus legacy lenses of course for other work. I do have an FA 24-70/f2.8 which is an overall work horse, very sharp, usually responds well enough with auto-focus to not be a major issue. That said, the Nikon 24-70/f2.8 ED G lens, is probably one of the best zooms I have ever used. If only I could use it on the Sony….

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