Mind Heist: starring Annabella: cinestyle graded/ungraded version Canon 5D mark II, Zeiss lenses

Mind Heist: starring Annabella: cinestyle graded/ungraded version Canon 5D mark II, Zeiss lenses

I received quite a few emails asking for ungraded cinestyle footage. Here we go ladies an gentlemen, check out the graded version first (with my new secret magic homemade nostalgia filter), compare to the totally ungraded cinestyle version

and let me know what you think! I am torn, one minute i prefer the graded, then next the ungraded! And don’t forget to check out the in Soma magazine, on news stand now or the layout here. A few thoughts re this profile (download it from here): I have been using it since the day it was released. Never looked back. Until we get to shoot raw video this is the closest we will get to nirvana! I dig the super flat curve as a starting point for grading. Much easier to achieve the look one is after with a few minor tweaks rather then from high contrast, over saturated footage. The tonal range in this shoot really begged to be pushed towards high key lighting and the flat tone curve totally supports the look. Hitting the exposure was key and so was setting the white balance. Hand held 5D2, only two lenses, the Zeiss Macro Planar 100mm and the Macro Planar 50mm. My two new favorite lenses. The bokeh is amazing and the ability to go very close without additional attachments makes work a lot easier! And my Zacuto EVF! Can’t live without it. Still using the iDC follow focus although without the follow focus on the Zeiss lenses since the friction method doesn’t really work, however the mounting bracket provides a stable EVF platform.
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Check back in two weeks to see the fashion spread in Soma magazine!
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9 thoughts on “Mind Heist: starring Annabella: cinestyle graded/ungraded version Canon 5D mark II, Zeiss lenses

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks JH, you will only see a slight difference when shooting stills wide open, footage like this, I would say they are indistinguishable, this might change once we start shooting raw and 4k.
    both lenses are relatively soft wide open (stills) once you stop down to f2 they sharpen up quite nicely, the softness won’t affect portraits and shallow depth of field applications, you will mostly see it when shooting landscape or architecture, but you wouldn’t shoot that wide open to begin with :)

  2. JH

    Stupid question in 3…2…..

    First off let me just say I LOVE these both. I just got cinestyle yesterday, and look forward to testing it out. Is there a huge difference between using the canon 50mm 1.2 L and the Zeiss 50? (told you it was comiing) I’d imagine there is, just trying to figure out how to get footage as sharp and crisp as this without having to go out and buy a Zeiss.

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Sandy, shot a grainy high res video with my android phone- dark sky during a storm with lighting (creates nice flicker) then overlaid and played around with transparency values

  4. Sandy

    Hi ya, man I love this. Please pardon my naivety but can you elaborate on the secret magic homemade nostalgia filter… what is this co called ‘droid’. Danke

  5. menelaos

    can u give us a few hints of your secret magic homemade nostalgia filter?
    is it using some kind of foorage on screen mode or some digital haze/flare plug in like in Looks?

    Looks awesome!! So pure vintage!

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