May 2013 Be A Bokehlicious Year For You

May 2013 Be A Bokehlicious Year For You

Nikon D800E with DC Nikkor 135mm f2.0, s 1/250, f2.0 ISO 8000

I would like to thank everyone for visiting this blog in 2012 and look forward seeing you guys in 2013!
2012 was a very exciting year for photographers and video shooters and even if we don’t have the latest lens or camera body in our bag, we have very few excuses for not taking pictures or shooting video.
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Let’s make 2013 into a visually inspiring year, let’s get back to real photography.

Nikon D800E with DC Nikkor 135mm f2.0 defocus front @5.6, s 1/250, f2.0 ISO 8000
Nikon D800E with DC Nikkor 135mm f2.0, s 1/250, f2.0 ISO 8000

Of course I suffer as much from GAS as most normal photographers :) I finally broke down and purchased the DC Nikkor 135mm f2.0, I rented this lens for assignments and every time I used it I had a smile on my face.
Just in case there is something you absolutely have to have, now is a good time to check – BH and Adorama have their 2013 deals up!

B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio

If you find this article inspiring, please consider helping me maintaining this blog by purchasing your gear through my product links to Adorama and B&H and Ebay. It will cost you nothing and allows me to keep adding! Or consider making a direct donation using PayPal, thank you!

6 thoughts on “May 2013 Be A Bokehlicious Year For You

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Derek, all the best to you too!. I have to admit I have no problems with high ISO up to about 8000. Try this, sharpening to low or off, when resampling, use bicubic smooth. I found this set up to produce the best results.

  2. derek

    amazing shots , beautiful and hope 2013 will be the best year for you, Mike.
    btw, I ‘ve got one big question for you:
    do you use your D800E in real bad light and what is your take on the D800E real life highISO performance in real bad light.
    to be honest , I am not happy with my D800E for 2 reasons:
    1 its huge file size.
    2 its noisy high ISO in real bad light(I thought resampling might work but not for me).

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