LockCircle’s new LockPort mini USB port saver for Canon 5D Mark2 and Mark3

LockCircle’s new LockPort mini USB port saver for Canon 5D Mark2 and Mark3

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After the great success of the LockPort HDMI port savers, LockCircle is announcing the professional LockPort USB port saver!

The LockPort USB is a new product developed to help avoid damaging your 5D Mark2 and Mark3 mini USB camera port.

The LockPort USB protects the fragile output on your camera from tough production abuse with a rock solid

innovative ultra-thin clamp and a smart “mini to full-size” USB adapter.

The LockPort USB plate is designed to fit easily every head, baseplate, sliding plate, in the market

using the original camera screws already there. Ready in 10 seconds!

The LockPort USB safely secures a 90° REAR output “mini to full-size” USB adapter, protecting forever the “expensive to repair”

mini USB port on your HDSLR camera.

The Adapter has gold plated contacts and the full-size female output allows you to use stronger standard USB cables, you can purchase everywhere!

Standard size USB plugs locks more securely in the socket – no data loose, and if somebody accidentally walks over your cable,

the plug still can pop-out saving your camera from falling on the ground.

The full-size USB 90° REAR position offers best cable ergonomics solution on your production set-up!

Can be ordered now, shipped in 24 hours!

Price List USD 139,00 Euro 129,00 plus shipment

For more information: info@lockcircle.com www.lockcircle.com

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