Do You Understand? Nikon D5000 and D90 video

Do You Understand? Nikon D5000 and D90 video

Do you understand? from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

A few moments in Lee’s life, two days of shooting. Lets call it micro movie, it is only 90 seconds. Nikon D5000 for low angle (the swivel LCD comes in handy, just a bit small) and the D90 for most other scenes, this is the first time I shot everything with lensbabies. Music: “Sharp Darts” by The Streets. Hope you enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Do You Understand? Nikon D5000 and D90 video

  1. Daniel Galindo

    Amazing job man! Talented you are indeed [bow]. The rythm, pace, composition, tone, texture . . . and then . . . shot with a D90!! Congrats mate, very nicely done. And dude, marry her. Cheers.

  2. Marshal

    I’m not crazy about the music although I guess it fits the video. I like the video itself a lot more. Cool! And I still want her #. Okay, I’ll settle for her e-mail. ;-)

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Robert. FCP is great, FCexpress will also work, I do very little post, it is basically shot like that. Have fun with your new computer.

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