Sony Nex 5n compared vs. Sony Nex FS100: ungraded/graded clips 1080/60i

Sony Nex 5n compared vs. Sony Nex FS100: ungraded/graded clips 1080/60i

Maybe a little crazy to compare the Sony Nex FS100, a $5,000 camera against the Sony Nex 5n, which will only delete 600 bucks from your bank account. Why compare these two cameras? Simple, I just had to know. Besides, both cams are fitted with an almost identical size sensor
(the FS100 with a super 35mm size sensor, the Nex 5n with an APS C size sensor) full manual controls over shutter speed , aperture, iso settings, white balance, focus peaking.

Let me say it right now, the Nex 5n can produce stunning video, but is not going to replace a professional grade camera like the FS100 in a professional shooting situation (the FS100 can be totally customized, every setting and picture profile, the sensor is optimized for video only, the list goes on). But how good is the video coming from the 5n compared to the fs100, and can one seriously consider using it as a B camera in tight places or situations where your expensive equipment might get damaged, and can it be considered for low or no budget film projects as a main camera? The answer to all these questions really depends on what type of shoot you will be doing and your standards and quality demands. I would feel totally comfortable using the 5N as a B camera for my type of work. The FS100 produces cleaner, higher quality files, however the 5N is not far behind and I see no problem grading and mixing footage.
Equipment used and mentioned in this video:
Sony Nex FS100 body
Atomos Ninja
Ki Pro Mini
nano flash
Sony Nex 5N body
Sony Nex 7
Nipon Canon to Nex adapter w aperture control
(and one from ebay, not recommended, quality control issues)
Canon 28mm 1.8 lens
Canon 100mm 2.0 lens
Sony Nex 16mm lens
Sony Wide Angle attachment
Sony 18-55mm kit lens
Tripod w fluid head

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10 thoughts on “Sony Nex 5n compared vs. Sony Nex FS100: ungraded/graded clips 1080/60i

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    since the 5n has very limited adjustment options, 1) adjust the 5n look to your liking, then match it with the FS100. you have to experiment, there isn’t a picture profile that would match

  2. Andrés

    Any idea for matching those cameras in a 2 cameras videos? Picture profile of one and another? Thanks!

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    you can assign to softkey b (one function) to soft key c, 5 functions, however, when using manual lenses, softkey b will only magnify and the custom function assigned will be ignored

  4. Zeusman

    Great review! Clearly to my eye the FS100 is superior but hard to argue with the quality AND size of the NEX 5N. Each clearly has its place.

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