Chinatown, NYC, a photo essay in color, shot with the Nikon D800e and Ricoh GR

Chinatown, NYC, a photo essay in color, shot with the Nikon D800e and Ricoh GR


Chinatown hasn’t lost its magic since I first visited NYC many years ago. Hardly anything has changed. Most of us, even die-hard new yorkers feel like tourists walking down Mott street. A visual delight for photographers of all sorts, I have tried to capture my essential Chinatown, this time keeping it all square and in color
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The square format always has a calming effect on me. Probably because it is the closest to our circular perception, we can grasp a square image instantly. Shot over one weekend. I thought this would make a nice b/w essay -I never consider color of essence for my type of street shots, however, Chinatown without color would be like fries without ketchup. Some things just go together.

Shot over one weekend on three long walks with the Nikon D800E, the Nikkor 180mm f2.8 ED, the Nikkor 85mm 1.4 D and the Ricoh GR at 28mm and at 21mm. I am really liking the D800E/GR combo,
the raw files from both cameras appear to have very similar characteristics and I find it very easy to tweak the final images to match.
I think every photographer not quite ready to give up full frame Dslr’s because of, well, obvious reasons-should consider this route.
A very good way to cut down on bulk, size and weight with very little compromise if you want ultimate quality and shallow depth of field unattainable from APSC sized sensors.




















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3 thoughts on “Chinatown, NYC, a photo essay in color, shot with the Nikon D800e and Ricoh GR

  1. Bill Crelin

    Excellent work on the reviews and galleries as always Mike and very much enjoy your youtube channel. While teetering way too long on the fuji/Oly fence, the convenience and IQ of the Ricoh is killin me ;-).


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