City Life Portraits

Portrait session: Kemal Harris: Power Stylist


The hollywoodreporter named Kemal Harris one of the top 25 power stylists of 2014. I have known Kemal for many years and we collaborated on many editorials before she decided to become the House Of Cards stylist. We went for the classic look with dramatic shadows.
Shot with the Sony A7s, the Zeiss 135mm 1.8 and fresnels lights.
You can find great deals on Ebay, fresnel studio lights, Sony A7s and you can save a bundle if you are looking to get a Zeiss 135mm f1.8 ZA.

Zeiss 135mm 1.8 ZA : bokelicous freeze

135mm_str_021115_9718 copy_12deg

The wonderful Zeiss Sonnar 135mm 1.8, a lens I mostly use for beauty and life style shoots, however, once in a while it can be fun to break up the routine of street shooting with shorter lenses, isolating subjects from the crowd instead.
I use it on any of my A7 bodies with the Sony LA EA4 adapter,

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