Canon 80D: most fun Dslr to date?

Canon 80D: most fun Dslr to date?

80d_productshots070716_0003 1
Canon 80D with EFS 10-18mm lens and Saramonic XLR audio box and shot gun mic

I don’t even remember when Canon announced the 80D and I wouldn’t have given a d**n had it not been for a friend asking for tips on how to set it up.

I was immediately impressed by the large viewfinder, we are looking at a crop sensor camera here, really nice, big and bright OVF, second thing I noticed was how fast the lens he had mounted focused, the Canon EF-S 10-18mm, a plastic fantastic as he called it, a wonderfully sharp lens with image stabilization at a great price.
Canon gotta do something to keep their huge client base from switching, right ;)? Sweet little camera and lens.
After putting it in video mode I noticed how smooth it focused, then I tried the touch screen, focus pull from an object in the front to one in the back. Then the other way around. Now this camera had my attention.

Next, I mounted the full frame Canon 24-105mm STM lens, lately my go to studio lens for the A7rII for stills (using Sigma’s MC 11 adapter), same thing, focus pulling by tapping the subject on the LCD worked flawlessly. Then we tried the Canon USM 50mm 1.4 and again, smooth focus pull, however, this lens is a little noisy.
This really opens new possibilities, hassle free controlled af using the touch screen, I wish my Sony A7rII and A6300 had that feature.

The 80D also features proper sound controls, either auto gain or full manual with a mic and head phone jack.
I could immediately see the value of this camera for vloggers and photographers who need good quality, professional looking HD footage for their youtube videos and/or bts shots on photo shoots.

This camera appears to be a very sensible and practical hybrid , a DSLR with advanced video features and good live view in single shot mode.
80D with Meike grip and Canon 50mm 1.4 USM (equiv 80mm)

Now if the 5DmkIV gets a fully articulated LCD (this really is a very important point for the way I shoot), 4K at 60fps, and the latest AF module from the 1DX mkII I would seriously consider a switch back.

I am planning to compare it to the Sony A6300 :)
In the mean time don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions on how it compares to the A6300

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