Canon 7D or Canon 5D mark II: quick comparison

Canon 7D or Canon 5D mark II: quick comparison

Many of you have emailed asking which one I recommend, Canon 7D or 5D mark II, this is a quick comparison between the two cameras, focusing on what I think makes a difference, check it out, about 3minutes, hopefully this will help you make a decision which camera to get.
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8 thoughts on “Canon 7D or Canon 5D mark II: quick comparison

  1. Camera Hero Needed

    Hi Mike – I’m currently an aspiring photographer attending courses with the view of becoming a wedding/event photographer as well as doing portraits. Currently a beginner – which camera would you recommend as I can only afford one and need it to last a long time and provide excellent photos for clients.

    Appreciate your thoughts.

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  3. Alpha Ace

    geeee ~ the 7D looks like it leads quite a margin in terms of versatility~!
    the only one down side – it was not a full frame.

    hahaha~ if it was a full frame, it will not be in that price. Should be stand next to 1D M4.

  4. Stefano

    very nice video.
    I decided to buy one of these two camers,
    which one do you think is better?


  5. Peter Miranda

    Hey Mike,
    Awesome summary there.
    Made my mind up on my second buy..
    I have the Mark II but I like the added features of the 7D…
    Keep up with those magic videos..


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