Brooklyn Creative: Kayla Camstra: 720/60P, Lumix GH1

Brooklyn Creative: Kayla Camstra: 720/60P, Lumix GH1

Brooklyn Creative: Kayla Camstra: Lumix Gh1, 720/60p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

For Kayla, painting is a form of both physical therapy and self-representation. Her work is as much about the process as it is about the product. In the preliminary stage of a painting, Kayla uses basic assumptions of how to demonstrate depth, space and color effectively. Her decisions thereafter are based on spontaneity and experimentation. It involves mixing media, geometry, as well as combining the relationships between the sense of depth and flat planes. Whether or not the outcome is a hit or miss, the inspiration of the success or failure leads her onto the next project.
Kayla is a freelance artist, part time student (painting major at Pratt Institute with an academic scholarship in light, color and design,) and model.
This is my first shoot with the Panasonic Lumix GH1. This little camera rocks, esp in 720/60p. Shot in B/W with the kit lens. Contrast enhancement in post. Music by Lehoczky Tamas, Pulpo Hungary, if you like what you hear, check it out here

6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Creative: Kayla Camstra: 720/60P, Lumix GH1

  1. brendan crane

    Very nicely put together. Together, the capture and the artist make this a true pleasure to the eyes, not to mention the music which speaks for itself.

  2. mari

    hi Mike, as i said, the blog is, for me, a super bonus, givin’ the characters life so to speak, apart from the ‘life’ you create on that wiz camera of yours! music credits always apreciated! exceptional work Mike! thanx heaps! mari xo

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