Amanda Schmidt: City Moments: Sony Nex 5n

Amanda Schmidt: City Moments: Sony Nex 5n

Shot during my photo shoot for Aritzia in NYC, since the assignment didn’t call for video, it was a great opportunity to shoot a few experimental clips with my Nex 5n, a Lensbaby and a Computar C-mount 50mm 1.8 lens (readily available on Ebay). Focus peaking is a dream, however it can be a challenge

with the lenses I used since the blur can fool the camera. Shot at 1080/60p and full manual mode, sharpness, contrast and saturation -3, portrait mode. I am using a Hoodloup with this camera and it works very well. The clips here are straight out of the camera except for the b/w blue tint, which was done in post, Iso 1600 for the grainy effect.

Sony Nex 5N with 50mm 1.8 HoodLoupe
The main challenge is attaching a tripod quick release plate and keeping it from rotating every time you move the camera, the contact area is just too small for a solid connection. I am impressed with the sensor (still image quality), video, I like what I have seen so far, the quality appears to be very good, the verdict is still out until I shoot a few more clips.

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23 thoughts on “Amanda Schmidt: City Moments: Sony Nex 5n

  1. alter_ohm

    no problem, it’s not hard to find. it’s a pity they don’t provide full info.


  2. alter_ohm

    magical video! the music gave me goose bumps! what piece of music is this? sounds like bach.


  3. Erik Neu

    Thanks Mike,

    great help for me.
    This combo seems to be perfect match for my needs, (perfect value for money bundle).

    Danke fuer die schnelle Antwort und Guten Rutsch nach NY.

    Erik Neu

  4. Erik Neu

    Hi Mike,

    I like your hands on approach to your photographic challenges, you always come up with some unconventional solution that focuses on the basic problem.

    I do a lot of travel photography and I try to get my gear smaller and lighter and want to use a Nikon D 7000 and a (Sony Nex 5n or a Panasonic G3/GX1) with a Fotodiox adapter for my Nikon D and G lenses.

    Is your Sony Nex 5n set up with the Hoodmann loupe only good for video or does it work well for stills too?
    Your combination of the small Nex 5n body with the Hoodmann loupe looks like it should handle very well for stills and video.

    Erik Neu

  5. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Rich, aye, sorry to hear that, no modifications, mine works fine, just send it back, I got a few Industar lenses that didn’t work and had to be returned.

  6. Rich C

    Good stuff Mike. I liked the results of it so much I went and bought the computar 50mm on ebay. I just received it but it doesnt seem to focus and vignettes heavily with a c-mount adapter. Did you perform any mods to the lens to get it to work for you?


  7. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Adam, great tip, will check them out, yes, you can see the full image/video and the controls to the right, the hoodloup doesn’t cut into it, however, it doesn’t cover the full physical lcd panel

  8. Adam

    Hey Mike. Nice work.

    A work around for the tripod issue mount issue is to use a lens adaptor with a tripod mount. I have one for Nikon lenses and one for Olympus OM lenses. Both work really well and it takes the load off the NEX mount and helps balance the set-up. Check ebay, there are many available.

    Does the Hoodman Hoodloup cover the full display? I’ve been looking at grabbing one.


  9. Markus Arike

    Your video was truly inspiring, shows what that little camera can do in the hands of a skilled shooter. Lensbaby is now officially on my radar. I’ll look for more of your work on Vimeo.

  10. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Stefan. NO! I dislike it very much, unlike the touch screens on the droid and iphone, it can’t get used to it on the 5n. Sony didn’t implement it in the Nex-7. They must feel the same lol. my way around is the hoodloup for serious shooting and after customizing the buttons it’s okay, not perfect but i can live with it, this is the best performing crop sensor -rivals the ff sensor in the 5D2, a dream to have a pocketable 5D2 :D for now I will just live with the few shortcomings

  11. Stefan

    really cool… you have a great eye.
    I was wondering do you ever get used to the nex5n touch screen? do the controls become intuitive?

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