Africa: En Route with the Sony Nex 5N and A77

Africa: En Route with the Sony Nex 5N and A77



On the way from Nairobi to Eldoret we had major car problems. The cooling system was malfunctioning. At first, we had to stop every 30min, then every twenty and eventually every ten minutes, pull over and refill the radiator and look for small towns and gas stations along the way to get more water. Very stressful since we didn’t want to get stuck on the road, especially at night. I couldn’t have asked my client and crew to pull over every time I saw a photo opportunity (there were plenty) and just used these short brakes we were forced to take and snapped away. Landscapes were shot with the A77 and the 70 300G lens, the rest was shot with the Sony 5N and the fantastic 30mm macro. More after the break…

I really liked the 30mm macro as a standard lens, very high resolution, no distortions, no AF hunting and virtually silent. It also helped maintaining a comfortable distance to my subjects.













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Check back for more pictures from this trip, next up portraits……
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3 thoughts on “Africa: En Route with the Sony Nex 5N and A77

  1. metamind

    Thank you for sharing your work with us. I am using the 30mm macro, too. It is such an underestimated lens, in my opinion. I am fascinated every time I use it. All the best and a great new year!

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