The $40 Sony A7 battery solution

The $40 Sony A7 battery solution

small rig, ikan VK7i, powering the A7s and the monitor with one NPF-970 (6600 mAh)

After checking numerous after market battery options, I didn’t come across anything practical for photographers, for video shooters, much easier, many more options to mount it on a rig.


Since I am a big fan of minimalistic set ups, after two days of shooting stills, I am very satisfied with this solution. For stills, I prefer the Sony NP F750 battery, for video, powering camera and external monitor, the NP F970. Great deals on these batteries on eBay.

Sturdy, can take a beating, keep in mind if you are going to built one just like this to use dual compound epoxy (crazy glue won’t do), make sure you prep the gluing surfaces properly. You don’t want this thing to fall apart on a shoot. The solution in this video is of course just one of many options of how you could mount it, for my second set up I will keep the dummy battery as is and connect it via dc plug (5.5/2.5) and keep the battery in my pocket.


Part list:

The LB-A7 bracket fits the A7r, A7 and A7s. Does not fit the A7II, I am sure it wont be too long before an updated LB-A7II surfaces on eBay.
Dummy battery
Sony NP battery plate, there are a few options out there, check if it has a dc plug if you are planning to use an external monitor occasionally.
Small Arca quick release clamp
male dc plug (5.5/2.5mm)

Thats it, don’t hesitate to ask questions or share your battery solution in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “The $40 Sony A7 battery solution

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Owen, just replicate the set up in this post, use a dummy battery to power the camera and the additional output to power the monitor.

  2. Owen

    Hi, thanks for posting, this looks really great. Can you confirm that this will support both a camera and an external monitor from a single battery? If so I wonder whether you can recommend a battery plate that has two power outputs (one for each device). Thanks again!

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