Nikon D800E shooting video, part I: first impressions in the studio

The Nikon D800 and D800E are finally shipping (don’t hold your breath for in store stock status anytime soon, if you want one, preorder the D800 or D800E and be patient – breathe in, breathe out, it worked for me :) ). Many of you have asked about video performance in particular. Will Nikon’s D800 video capabilities challenge or even break the dominance of the Canon 5D mark II, what about the 5D mark III? more after the break

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Confessions from a camera addict, part I

Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture, Midtown, Manhattan, Fuji X Pro1 with 35mm 1.4

When I first laid my eyes on her, I stared as a starving man would have gazed at a bowl of rice. She was beyond beautiful, wearing all black. 24mp APSC sensor and full manual video control. The best EVF I had ever seen. The inevitable had to happen, I pulled my credit card and ordered one. There were problems. Thailand floods. Sleepless nights. Back order status updates. But when she finally arrived, everything was perfect. More after the break

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Sweet Insanity, short film shot on Sony Nex-7

I have been wanting to shoot a short film with the Nex-7 for ages. My friend Karolina suggested Jason Roman for the “inspired by” project, we met, talked about work, acting, biking, girls, models, actresses and then he told me about the Sweet Insanity script he had written. It was right up my alley. Lots of shots in public places. A small camera like the Sony Nex-7 would be perfect for it. The weather didn’t cooperate until now and we finally managed to shoot it over the weekend.
tech info and screen grabs after the break

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